You Should Use On Your Social Media Platforms

For a while, I have been feeling like I was the only me not knowing what an “” link was all about.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 3.13.01 PM

So, I decided to explore some and found that the phone and desktop app is actually pretty fun.  It seems to be growing in popularity so I am taking a social stab at interacting through


Here is my page through my iPhone app

Not only is the url address super short for reposting, setting up an homepage is fun, as well.

I have only interacted with the FREE service, but after scanning my home feed, it is obvious lots of people have invested some time and money into their page. (Premium account is $4/month)

My suggestion is to set up your page on your desktop but then just move to viewing your home feed on your phone app.  The phone app is much more clean and fun to interact.


Here is my page through my desktop

The greatest advantage perk of having an page is that is provides a one-stop shop for future friends, customers, or businesses, in regards to your social media engagement strategy.

You may see as just one more social platform trying to push on to the market, but I feel there is a enough uniqueness that it is a must for total social cyber engagement.